Best Digital Tools For Remote Collaboration

The most effective digital tools for remote collaboration are those that can streamline communication as well as document management and project workflows. The resultant productivity gains can be the difference between a good or bad work experience for remote teams. With the abundance of tools on the market, it can be difficult to determine which ones are most beneficial to your team. The most effective online tools for remote collaboration come in a variety of forms, ranging including instant messaging apps like Slack to virtual whiteboards. Some are designed to address particular needs, while others can be used in conjunction with other tools for more comprehensive remote work.

Slack is a popular platform for business communications. It’s described by its users as “your digital headquarters”. Its direct message system is a popular one but it also integrates with other tools to manage projects and track tasks. You can keep all of your conversations in one location. It also has powerful reporting capabilities for managers, which are great to monitor team performance.

Video conferencing software is another tool in this category. It lets teams meet in real time to discuss projects and ask questions. It can reduce feelings of loneliness and is a fantastic tool for sharing webinars, presentations or onboarding guides for new employees. Loom is a different tool that allows you to record engaging video messages which can be viewed simultaneously. It’s a convenient method of sharing quick training videos, team updates and video messages from the team’s leadership.

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