Board Management Software for Nonprofits

Board management software (also called board portals) is a digital tool for boards of directors and their administrative staff to facilitate meetings and distribute and edit documents and communicate on key issues and issues, reducing the use of paper and enhancing efficiency and governance. Board governance software offers many features, such as online meeting management, document archiving, the ability to eSignature, and much more. This is a fantastic solution for non-profit organizations who want to improve efficiency and save time and money.

Make meetings more efficient with tools like meeting management, video conference integrations and private online workrooms so that your team can be prepared to discuss agenda items ahead of time. With efficient meetings, team members can focus less doing administrative tasks and spend more time discussing the issues at hand.

Utilizing key governance features like e-signatures as well as task tracking and other features, you can boost accountability by giving your board members the ability to sign documents in between meetings or even outside the meeting room. This makes sure that the board’s decisions are properly documented and improves transparency and accountability.

Control permissions to share information with granular permission levels so that committees have access information that is relevant to their roles and the board has the authority to oversee all discussions and documents. This is crucial for non-profit organizations that must adhere to federal regulations to continue to receive funding from their government partners.

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