How to Access the Dark Web

If you’re interested in what lurks in the shadows of the internet, getting access to the dark web isn’t difficult however it’s not without its risks. Think of it like stepping into a city with secret back streets: It’s simple enough to explore, but going down the wrong path could get you in trouble.

The dark web is an edifice of criminal activity, which includes black-hat hackers, drug dealing and terrorists. It’s a place where criminals, such as hitmen, human smugglers, and corrupt officials, can come together. However, the dark web doesn’t have to be all bad – it also functions as a type of link between those who are political outcasts and the rest of us living in the world free of charge, serving as an outlet for those who wish to share anonymous information (whistleblowers).

Tor is a special browser that allows you to access the dark web. It’s somewhat similar to a VPN in that it protects your information and removes geo-location tags that your ISP or the government could use to track you. Tor also improves your security by routing your request through a network made up of volunteer servers around the world.

After installing and configuring Tor after configuring and installing Tor, you can begin exploring the dark web. Content isn’t as indexed like the web’s surface however there are plenty of sites to check out. For instance, you can find online stores where you can buy illegal drugs and firearms, as well as sites that provide tips on hiding your digital footprint and launching ransomware attacks.

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