How to Conduct Effective Board Meetings

Board meetings are the time where board members can provide valuable feedback on a company’s development. Board meetings can also be an opportunity for members to develop camaraderie and trust.

To ensure productive discussions and a productive decision-making process, a successful board session should begin with a clear and concise explanation of the meeting’s objective(s) before the board meets. Sending a board packet that includes all the information required for the discussion is one way to achieve this.

Some boards utilize Robert’s Rules of Order as a guide to how they conduct their meetings. However, this book is not necessary for every board. In general, only the chair is responsible for making sure that invitations are distributed in time and that notes are taken and all the necessary materials are given to board members prior the meeting.

One of the biggest errors companies make is not preparing and distribute their board documents on time. It is vital to share the goals of the board meeting to everyone in attendance prior to the beginning of the meeting so that directors have the chance to prepare and ask questions before the meeting. This saves time in the meeting for discussions and allows you to keep the meeting as brief as you can. If you site here have one of your board members who insists on a long report being included on the agenda, then schedule the meeting to end at least an hour after any break.

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