How to Have an Effective Board Meeting

A successful board meeting is an essential element of a successful governance. The Board of Directors meets to discuss and decide on crucial company matters, assuring that the business is heading in the right directions. While it can seem daunting but there are some easy guidelines to ensure you are having productive discussions and making the right decisions during your meetings.

It is important to prepare well in advance and communicating the agenda for the meeting with all members ahead of time is essential. A clear agenda will define the main topics and allocate appropriate amounts of time to each discussion. This will ensure that meetings do not end up being off-topic, getting stagnant or turning into an exclusive meeting for a small number of people to contribute instead of a broader discussion with the entire Board.

Prioritize two issues that must be addressed during each meeting. This is a common best practice that helps focus discussions and reduce the amount of items that need to be discussed during the meeting. This allows more time to be spent on each issue, and a decision can be made instead of just sharing updates. The book for the board allows an easy sharing of updates and a small amount of time can be devoted to them during the meeting.

Communicate clearly how decisions will be made. Doing so ensures that all members understand the decision-making process and will be on the same with regards to resolving disagreements and reaching consensus. It also establishes expectations for the type of discussions to be held during the meeting, such as finding common ground and discussing the various perspectives or resolving disagreements through a voting procedure.

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