How to Speed Up Fundraising Due Diligence

As the founder of a startup seeking funding, it is important that you are prepared to provide investors with equity funding, such as venture capital firms or angel funding the details required for fundraising due diligence. This is the procedure where interested parties look into a business to confirm key data and metrics that meet investment requirements, and investigate possible risks before making a decision to invest.

During the due-diligence phase, VCs may ask for documents related to your company, such as taxes, legals, financials and compliance. Due diligence will be accelerated and delays will be reduced when these Discover More documents are readily available. A VDR can allow you to store and access these documents in a matter of minutes while also managing permissions to ensure that only those who need to see them are allowed to do so.

In addition to the VDR in addition, there are other tools you can utilize to accelerate the due diligence process. You can set up a system to automatically upload important documents into an organized folder. This will decrease your workload as you will no longer have to manually collect and upload documents. It is helpful to create an outline of the dates each document will be required, so that the VC will know when you are ready to do so.

Another method of preparing for due diligence process is to instruct your gift officers on fundraising due diligence. This includes gift acceptance policies. This can involve creating an inventory of trigger criteria which, if satisfied will require a detailed risk rubric. Examples are international prospects, crimes or scandals which are well-known to the public and solicitations exceeding a certain dollar amount, which includes the naming of donations.

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