How to Write a Good Board Meeting Agenda

A well-written agenda for board meeting ensures engaging and productive discussions and will tackle the most important subjects of the organization. No matter if your meetings are in person or virtual, an effective agenda allows participants to remain engaged throughout the entire duration.

A good agenda starts with an appropriate call to order that signals the start of the meeting as well as any related proceedings. It could also include a short description of the purpose of the meeting and the name of the chairperson.

The agenda for your board meeting should also include a short report or presentation from the CEO or executive directors on the current performance of the business and the main initiatives. It is also possible to include a section that contains reports from the nominating, finance and governance committees.

If your company hosts guest presentations or open forum discussions, you should allocate time for them. You should also leave room for announcements that are special or felicitatory remarks. You should also leave room for any future business issues that require follow-up or that have not been discussed previously.

It is common for people to be distracted by new topics for discussion, which could cause your meeting to lose momentum. Include a parking spot at the end of the agenda so that it is possible to discuss ideas that are new. Include an estimate of how long each subject will require to discuss. This will help you avoid extending the time for board meetings. To ensure that your agenda stays on course, if you’re not able to agree on an item during the board meeting, shift it to the next.

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