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M&A diligence was an approach where lawyers would sort through piles of papers to assess the performance and operations of sellers. Modern tools allow lawyers and other dealmakers the ability to analyze their findings with speed and efficiency previously unattainable.

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Tech Due Diligence

In the current climate of cybersecurity and GDPR regulations performing due diligence on tech is vital to the health of a business. In order to conduct a proper tech due diligence it is important to examine the security of a software company and make sure they are in compliance with. It also involves analyzing strengths of the company’s intellectual portfolio and identifying any potential violations.

In the process of acquiring when you are buying a business, it is essential to understand the financial structure of a company and ensure that all parties have the same expectations. A thorough due-diligence exercise can reveal concerns such as overstated net losses, tax unreported liabilities, non-filing risk, tax on wages and sales and use tax.

During the due diligence process, it’s vital to have a clearly defined plan for collecting and sharing all necessary information. Playbooks that can be used by teams throughout the process helps keep everyone on the same page and ensures uniformity. Loopio’s team workspaces and collaboration features help teams stay focused on their work and avoid getting distracted by other tasks.

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