Preparing For Your Board Meeting

Preparing for your board meeting is a vital task that can seem daunting, especially if you are a new board member or have little experience with board meetings. But being prepared for your meeting can ensure a successful meeting with valuable insights and guidance from experienced leaders and strategic advice. The first step is to make sure everyone on the board has received and read the relevant materials and are aware of the agenda items.

Next, you need to determine the goals of your meeting. This will help guide your board’s discussions and decisions. It’s also a good idea to go through the minutes of your previous meeting, as it will reveal the changes you made, and provide an insight into what needs to be discussed during the meeting.

Be deliberate in the selection of your agenda items. Placing the most important topics first lets your board move efficiently through the meeting and avoid being stymied by less important topics. Also, each item on the agenda must be clearly stated to provide information or look for information rather than just making a final decision.

Send your board agenda far enough in advance to give everyone plenty of time to read it and then review it. This is especially important for in-person or virtual meetings that require quorum attendance. Be sure to keep track of the executive team members who are responsible for submitting reports and ensuring they have all the required materials.

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