The Best Virtual Spaces For Collaboration

You’re likely to utilize Slack or other video tools for conferencing when you work remotely. These 2D tools aren’t always the best tools for encouraging the connection and collaboration among team members.

Collaboration spaces are important. The best virtual spaces mimic the physical feel of a workplace with workspaces, meeting rooms and common areas that enable teams to quickly find each other. With some nudges or live chats teams can have conversations that are natural and also have random meetings, like those that take place in an actual office.

Kumospace, which is a virtual workspace helps to eliminate the necessity of meeting by giving users the impression that they are “working next to someone”. It also offers a range of virtual rooms that can be used for collaboration, ranging from sprint planning and 1:1 catch-ups, to project presentations and sales demos.

Switchboard is a virtual collaboration tool that takes the experience of working in an office to another level. Its collaborative virtual rooms and canvas enable teams to be productive quickly, working together on browser-based applications and documents. When the session is over it will save everyone’s work so that they can start where they left off next time.

Other virtual spaces such as Teemyco and Gather help foster teams by making it easier for coworkers to view what they are doing in the virtual office. It’s easy to see when someone is working on a large project, presenting an example of selling, or just taking a break.

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