The Engineering Process

The engineering process is a series of steps that individuals (engineers, developers, scientists) use to create a product or solution. These products are often used in everyday life, and can solve problems faced by consumers or other users.

The students begin the process by defining and researching the problem. They also identify any requirements that have to be met. Then, they brainstorm ideas and consider what other people have done to solve a similar problem.

After they have made a list, they select the best solution to create a prototype. This step demonstrates to students that they are able to turn their idea into a solution.

Once the students have built their prototypes, they test them to determine if they work as they expect. They can use the prototypes as a tool to improve on their designs.

Before they can have a finished design, they will probably go through several different prototypes. This iterative design process teaches students that they need to keep improving their designs and can’t stop until they have the best possible design.

Whether your students decide to become engineers or not, the process of engineering is something they can use throughout their lives to solve any problems. They can apply the skills they learn to any project, from building skyscrapers to making sneakers.

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