Virtual Data Room – Protect Confidential Documents

Virtual Data Rooms provide an secure and central location where authorized users can access and transfer digital files with complete transparency. Technology and life sciences are the most frequent users of VDR however, businesses from all industries must to protect confidential documents. When looking at potential VDR providers, take into consideration features like insights into usage at the file level as well as robust controls and custom permission settings to ensure that your documents are secure shared and protected. It is important to have an online platform that can be scalable up and down, allowing for the ability to open and close an online repository in order to meet transaction or project requirements with minimal disruption.

A reputable company will have strict physical security measures that include offsite backups of data. Multiple layers of firewalls are also recommended to stop unauthorized access. A virtual data room should enable administrators to track document and user activities to determine who is using the documents, and when they are being accessed, printed or downloaded. The capability to add dynamic watermarks to every page of viewed or printed documents further enhances the security of sensitive information.

VDRs are typically used for M&A due diligence, but they can be used in any situation that requires high levels of privacy and security. For instance private equity firms and funds can securely share information about their portfolios and tax information with potential investors via a VDR. A virtual data room may also simplify contract review by incorporating features such as automatic redaction and document management. This guarantees that PII will not be exposed.

how to set up your virtual data room

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