Virtual Data Rooms Comparison

Virtual data rooms are used by businesses to share sensitive documents during the due diligence phase of a deal. Life science and technology companies are among the biggest users, but almost any company with proprietary information will benefit from the robust tools that VDRs provide to share documents and streamline due diligence to make deals faster.

However, not all VDRs are created equal and pricing structures differ significantly between providers. It is important to think ahead and decide what functions your VDR will be able to perform. Then, select one that provides these features at a lower cost. Some providers charge extra for features that aren’t required, while others charge per page for uploads or additional user fees to handle large transactions.

When you are choosing a VDR consider how easy it will be for it to upload files and download them; how easily you can set up security for every person; whether or the VDR allows you to change access during negotiations and, if required, shutting down access immediately if a contract falls through. Also, look for secure encryption of data during transit and in storage that shields your files from hackers. Finally, think about the security certifications the company is displaying and if they meet the requirements of your industry.

Another essential feature to be looking for is the ability to customize a VDR with your brand’s logo. This will discourage unauthorised access to the data room and make it easier for users to agree to the terms of service when downloading documents. Additionally, many vendors have advanced functions like redaction and fence view that black out specific areas of files to ensure personally-identifiable information stays private.

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