What Does a Boot Scan Do?


Cyber threats can be hidden in a variety of ways. Many antivirus programs can detect malware through regular scans or real-time protection. However, a boot time scan is more thorough and can identify threats that are not obvious.

A boot scan checks the computer system at a very early stage, prior to when it launches the Windows operating system. This allows the program to find hidden malware and remove it without affecting your normal workflow. The Boot Scan feature of Avast offers various options to handle threats discovered during the scan. These include repairing the files immediately, transferring the files to the Disease Chest or quarantine, or even eliminating them.

The process of running a boot scan can take some time. It’s a good idea to block any non-essential startup programs and unplug USB or external hard drives. This will lessen the likelihood of conflict and allow the scan to focus solely on the internal storage. It’s also a good idea to schedule certain periods of time when you won’t use your computer for any other purposes so that boot scanning can take place without interruption.

To enable a scan that is based on the time of the boot, select Settings (the gear icon) in the Avast interface. Select Scan Settings > Protection and then check the Boot Time Scan option. Then, configure the options to suit your needs and click OK. The Avast Boot-Time Scan is a powerful program to help protect your computer from malicious threats and have a smoother computer environment.

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