What to Include in a Data Room for Investors

Investors have plenty on their plate when they’re looking over your company. The due diligence process can be accelerated and more efficient by having all the information in one place. The method you organize and source the files will have a significant impact on their accessibility. Nobody, whether an investor or a person authorized to do so would want to waste time sorting through irrelevant documents.

What should you include in an investor data room?

There are read review a variety of ways to make your investment data room stand out and increase your odds of getting funding. In general, you should provide the most relevant information, while being careful not to over-share or overload.

Although it is standard to include presentations in your data room it might not be the best location to include the most important details about your product such as product roadmaps and product-market fit. Instead, consider putting a more comprehensive roadmap slide in your data room. It will show your roadmap over a defined time period and includes the most pertinent details for each step.

You can also include an individual bios section to your data room that highlights more than just your founders. This will provide a greater overview of your team’s strengths, value and tenacity and also show the amount that each member owns. You can use this area to provide better resumes for your team members, and even include a reference section for customers to demonstrate your appreciation for your customers.

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