Working With Documents

Documentation refers to any record that can be retrieved or reviewed at a later date. This includes records that are created on paper or in physical form, as well as ones that are recorded digitally by using computer programs, such as spreadsheets, word processors and image editing software. Documentation is generally organized according to a set guidelines and standards to ensure that new documents have a similar shape and structure to older ones. This creates consistency and transparency within the workflows of the organization and the documentation ecosystem.

Digital documents are usually assigned a unique filename in order to distinguish them from traditional records. This helps in organizing the files and allows for users to find information without opening multiple documents to find it. Documentation is also organized into folders which makes it easier for users to locate specific documents within a larger library of data items.

Apple apps such as Pages and TextEdit as well as third-party apps available in the Mac App Store allow you to create many different types of documents. This includes reports and letters, essays, financial charts and graphs, presentations, slide shows and much more. These documents can be accessed across different platforms and allow for easy collaboration between team members.

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