Your details Room Application

Your data space software is a platform designed for uploading, conserving and showing files. Commonly, these are docs but they can also be drawings or business letters. They are used in many different projects which include M&A, research, joint venture investment funds, patenting and licensing. They can also be used for interaction between stakeholders. In the past, they were physical rooms storing paper files great most of them will be digital and hosted in a virtual environment.

RR Donnelley Venue is a VDR that offers a wide range of solutions such as secure file sharing, M&A buy and sell-side homework and cooperation on company initiatives. The software boasts a comprehensive set of features which will make it a perfect tool for any types of companies. It comes with bank-level to safeguard file moves and storage, customizable report watermarks and granular authorization controls which include access expiry and DRM.

Its streamlined UI allows users to simply move and organize data and develop an index in a few clicks. This supports all of the file forms and can be attached to desktops and mobile phones for easy access. Its advanced search functions allow for complicated queries and will get specific information within a large repository. It is reporting uses help increase accountability and transparency.

The perfect solution is is highly international and can support unlimited customers, enabling a seamless deployment around different locations. Its info protection is known as a key feature as it uses DRM with regards to granular control of user activity and file print and supplies a protect repository with zero plug ins. It is reliable by various businesses including power utilities, hospitals and national governments.

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